Native Man Using Rights Defence To Fight Charges

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 at 13:36



A member of the Pasqua First Nation is challenging the government’s authority to prosecute him for driving illegally.


Harvey Ironeagle says he doesn’t recognize the Crown’s judiciary power over him, because he believes First Nations people are actually international citizens.


Ironeagle says he has documents from the United Nations that back up his claim, and he is prepared to use them in a court of law.


Ironeagle says he wouldn’t have come across the information if it weren’t for the work of Lakota-Sioux leader Marius Clinton.


Ironeagle faces charges of driving while disqualified and using an unregistered vehicle, but he has no plans to plead guilty.


He’s not sure when his next court appearance is, but says Crown prosecutors are aware of his argument that their laws don’t apply to him or other First Nations people.