Mushroom Harvesters Hurt by B.C. Forest Fires

Wednesday, July 07, 2004 at 13:01



Last year’s forest fire crisis in B.C. is having a negative impact on wild mushroom harvesters in northern Saskatchewan.


Agrologist Gerry Ivanochko says morel mushrooms usually come out in force in areas where there’s been a forest fire the year before.


He says because there were so many fires in B.C. last year, that province has had an abundance of morels this summer and B.C. mushroom buyers have decided not to come to Saskatchewan this year.


With only 2 buyers in the entire province, Ivanochko says mushroom pickers in the North are getting 40 per cent less money for their crop.


Ivanochko says while prices are down, the quality of the crop is better than usual because of the ideal growing conditions this spring.


Ivanochko predicts northern harvesters will pick slightly more morels this year compared to last summer.