MRP Legislation Slammed By Native Women’s Group

Wednesday, March 05, 2008 at 15:26



The Native Women’s Association of Canada is calling the consultations that led up to legislation introduced by the Tories yesterday a “sham”.


The group is upset over the Conservatives’ attempt at a legislative solution to the lack of matrimonial real property laws on reserves.


NWAC President Beverley Jacobs says Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl went ahead with the legislation, even though they claim he knew they didn’t approve of a draft form of the bill they were shown in December.


Jacobs maintains that, at that time, her group outlined what it calls the critical importance of systemic solutions, promotion of Indigenous legal systems and the need for non-legislative solutions.


Jacobs says it feels like another case of colonialism.


There are currently no laws governing what happens to property on reserve when a relationship ends, when a woman is experiencing violence or is widowed.