Mounties Keep Eye On Native Gangs

Wednesday, March 01, 2006 at 14:39



An official with the RCMP says authorities continue to track the activity of Aboriginal gang members in northern Saskatchewan.


Sergeant Bob Bazin says the recent creation of a combined forces unit between the RCMP and the Prince Albert Police Service is the latest move made to counter the gangs’ presence.


But he points out that it is at the community level where the greatest strides will be made.


Bazin, who helped author a report on gangs in the province last year, says the police have little intelligence to go on unless the public notifies them regarding their concerns.


Bazin also says organized crime is a difficult entity to get a grip on, because it is always changing.


Last year’s report suggested as many as 1,300 Saskatchewan youth are engaged in gang activity, with some of that taking place in the North.


In the year since Bazin’s report came out, he feels progress has been made.


However, he admits police will never be able to let up on the pressure.