Mother Of Suicide Victim Speaks Out

Thursday, March 29, 2007 at 16:21



A small demonstration took place in Sandy Bay yesterday by family members of a girl who took her own life in the community a few months back.


Her mother, Gail Morin, held a public address in the school library before marching onto the street in front of the village’s administration offices.


She says she’s angry more wasn’t done to prevent the tragedy that several families experienced during a recent rash of suicides in the northern community.


Morin says youth in the village could use things like recreation facilities and professional counsellors.


She says the protest was held because she and others wanted to let local leaders know she feels they should have done a better job of helping families cope with the situation.


Morin wants community leaders to be held to account, and to step down if need be.


She is also upset with how her daughter’s death has been handled by the media.