Mosquito That Carries West Nile Found In La Ronge

Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 14:54



The mosquito that carries West Nile virus has been discovered in La Ronge for the very first time.


Phil Curry of Saskatchewan Environment confirms test samples gathered in the region some weeks back contained a few specimens of Culex Tarsalis.


However, he says residents shouldn’t be alarmed because the numbers were very low — and none of the samples included a mosquito carrying the virus.


Curry believes the bugs arrived artificially, likely by vehicle or plane.


Curry notes La Ronge’s climate is one that poses problems for the Culex Tarsalis mosquitoes.


He says that’s because they thrive in shallow warm water, and do not do well in cool shady areas.


He admits continued warm weather could give the insect a few extra days, but not much more.


Curry says the unusual test results don’t change his opinion that northern Saskatchewan is one of the best places to avoid West Nile.