Mooswa’s Unescorted Temporary Pass Bid Denied

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 15:49



A convicted drunk driver has lost her bid for an unescorted temporary pass from jail.


The National Parole Board has denied Norma Jean Mooswa’s most recent application.


A written form of the decision is expected in two or three days.


Mooswa was convicted of impaired driving killing six people, and injuring four after an infamous crash on Canada Day, 2004.


Her record includes three other convictions for drunk driving.


It is the second time in two years that Mooswa has applied for an unescorted pass to visit family and friends.


Mooswa applied last year, but the board turned that request down.


They said she had not provided a good enough plan to prevent her from abusing alcohol during her visits.


Parole Board spokesman Darren Caul says the reasons for this year’s denial are similar to last year’s reasons.


He says that’s because the board’s prime responsibility is to protect the public.


Mooswa is eligible for full parole by August, 2011.


She is serving her time in a healing lodge near Maple Creek.