MNS VP Candidate Promising Credibility

Thursday, May 20, 2004 at 13:16



A Saskatoon man running for the vice presidency of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan feels his track record at the local level makes him the best candidate.


Bob McLeod has been president of the Central Urban Metis Federation for the last 5 years.


McLeod says he inherited a debt when he first took over, but now says that Metis local has 2.5 million dollars in assets.


Those assets include a women’s shelter, an affordable housing program and an employment readiness program that his local has established under his watch.


McLeod says if he’s elected to be a part of the MNS executive next week, lobbying the government for post secondary funding for Metis people will be one of his highest priorities.


However, McLeod says he and others might have to work on restoring the organization’s credibility before getting increased government funding.


McLeod’s running mates in the election include presidential candidate Robert Doucette, provincial treasurer candidate Gabe Lafond and provincial secretary candidate May Henderson.


McLeod’s competition for vice president consists of Guy Bouvier, Angus McKay and Randy Morin.