MNS to Wait to Elect New Senator

Thursday, September 04, 2008 at 14:20



A regional director with the metis nation of Saskatchewan says his area will wait 30 days before deciding whether or not to hold elections for a new senator.



Robert Lafontaine of eastern region Two-A says he recently received notice Senate Chair Gilbert Pelletier had been suspended from his position.



A meeting was held last week to discuss the situation but Pelletier did not attend due to short notice.



Lafontaine says he’s sorry to see matters end up like this.



He says the members have decided to hold a 30 day cooling off period to give Pelletier a chance to talk to residents and contact higher levels of authority within the MNS.



Lafontaine says after that they’ll see whether or not the situation has been resolved or if an election for a senator needs to be held.



Meantime the newly elected chairman of the MNS senate, Roy Fosseneuve, says Pelletier was removed due to actions unbecoming a senator.



He acknowledges he doesn’t have all the details of what those actions were but says it’s apparent they were out of line.



Fosseneuve adds Pelletier will be welcomed back with open arms should he be re-elected as a senator by his area.