MNS Schedules Legislative Assembly

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 at 14:25



Officials with the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan say a date has been set to hold a legislative assembly.


President Dwayne Roth says the tentative plan is to hold the event on March 12th and 13th in Yorkton.


The only problem is the MNS has no money to host the gathering.


Roth says he’s appealing to both the provincial and federal governments to step up to the plate and fund the MNLA.


Roth says if the provincial government truly wants to see the will of the Metis people expressed over the ongoing election dispute, than it should fund the event.


He expects the cost to stage the two-day affair to be approximately $140,000.


Meanwhile, one of the presidential candidates in last year’s Metis election is advising both levels of government to ignore this latest plea for funding from the MNS.


Robert Doucette says only local presidents, senators, and members of the Provincial Metis Council have any say at those meetings.


Doucette says the best way to settle the ongoing election dispute is to hear from all Metis citizens, and the only way that can happen is in a general assembly — not an MNLA.


Doucette points out that holding a general assembly is something that is allowed by the MNS Constitution.


Doucette also says a number of Metis locals have been dissolved by the MNS since last year’s election, which he feels makes the upcoming MNLA a “sham”.