MNS President to Make Protest Walk to Regina

Friday, November 05, 2004 at 15:38



Metis Nation of Saskatchewan president Dwayne Roth is planning to walk from Saskatoon to Regina to protest the government’s rejection of his leadership.


Roth and the rest of the MNS executive are on the outs with the province in the wake of the Lampard report into this spring’s controversial Metis election.


The MNS has filed a lawsuit to reclaim the funding the province is withholding from the organization.


Roth calls the province’s actions “government oppression” and says his walk will “signal the beginning of a modern day Metis Rebellion”.


Roth says he will be accompanied by other Metis leaders and elders and encourages other Metis to join him in his demonstration.


Roth sets off tomorrow and is hoping to time his arrival in Regina with the 119th anniversary of the hanging of Louis Riel on November 16th.