MNS Presidency Candidate Comes Out Swinging

Thursday, April 29, 2004 at 12:52



Metis lawyer Dwayne “Trudeau” Roth officially launched his campaign for the presidency of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan yesterday.


He held a news conference in Saskatoon.


Roth says with last year’s Supreme Court decision on Metis hunting rights and with a court ruling on the Metis land claim in northwest Saskatchewan due in 2006, he feels his legal background makes him the best candidate for president.


Roth says he would have supported former presidents Gerald Morin or Jim Durocher if they had taken a run for the presidency, but felt compelled to run himself when he saw that Alex Maurice and Robert Doucette were running for the top job.


Roth says he will put a lot of emphasis on the “rights-based agenda” if elected, without neglecting programs and services.


Roth is running with a slate of candidates that includes Ray Laliberte, who’s running for provincial treasurer, and Ralph Kennedy, who’s running for provincial secretary.


The MNS elections will take place on May 26th.