MNS Plans Protest During Queen’s Visit

Friday, April 29, 2005 at 14:58



The Metis Nation of Saskatchewan has announced it will protest the Queen’s visit to Saskatchewan during the Lieutenant-Governor’s Jubilee on May 19th.


MNS President Dwayne Roth says the purpose of the demonstration is to draw attention to what he claims is 100 years of rent arrears.


Roth says the Queen set up her government on Metis land a century ago, even though the Metis people never signed treaties with the government.


Roth says the Metis people still own the land and need to set up and negotiate a modern day treaty.


Roth plans to serve the Queen a notice of rent arrears for the last 100 years and says the protest will show Her Majesty that Metis people are still fighting for their land.


A Metis land claim test case was launched in 1994 and Roth expects it will likely go to trial within the next year.