MNS Officials Defend Ties To National Metis Body

Friday, March 31, 2006 at 14:26



Metis Nation of Saskatchewan executive members are defending their right to participate in Metis National Council affairs.


The provincial Metis organizations in Alberta and BC recently decided to take a pass on all MNC meetings that were attended by MNS representatives.


The groups in BC and Alberta used the disputed 2004 MNS election as the grounds for making that decision.


Federal Metis interlocutor Jim Prentice recently took a similar stand.


But MNS treasurer Ray Laliberte says no government has the right to dictate Metis political relationships.


Laliberte also criticizes former MNS presidential candidate Robert Doucette for applauding the actions of Prentice and the groups in BC and Alberta.


Laliberte says Doucette is engaging in political posturing. Laliberte adds no one aspiring to become a Metis leader should be congratulating anyone who undermines Metis solidarity and self-governance.