MNS Official Downplays Referendum

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 at 13:17



An official with the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan says a recent questionnaire asking Metis whether they want a new election is still months away from being tabulated.


MNS Provincial Secretary Ralph Kennedy says the paper was delivered to all Metis locals in the province.


However, due to the government’s refusal to recognize the MNS, Kennedy says they don’t have the resources to count the ballots until this fall’s Metis Nation Legislative Assembly.


Kennedy says he doesn’t put too much stock into the referendum anyway, as it isn’t asking anything that the Metis Electoral Reform Panel didn’t address in its recently-released final report.


He says the forms are currently being counted by himself and officials at the MNS head office in Saskatoon.


The MNLA is set for November 16th in Meadow Lake.