MNS Not Prepared To Recognize Proposed AGM

Monday, March 13, 2006 at 14:20



Disputed Metis Nation of Saskatchewan president Dwayne Roth says the MNS is not going to concern itself with a proposed Metis annual general meeting that some Metis leaders want to hold in May.


A funding proposal was recently submitted to the provincial government from a group of Metis leaders not directly linked to the disputed MNS leadership.


Roth says any Metis group is free to meet, but the MNS won’t be there — because it will not be considered an MNS AGM.


He says the splinter group is led by his rivals in the last election, and he accuses them of pandering to what he calls the government’s divide-and-conquer tactics.


Metis Relations Minister Maynard Sonntag acknowledges some individuals have requested funding from the department for an AGM.


He says the request came from a group comprised mainly of Metis local presidents.


Sonntag also says if a majority of Metis local presidents participate in the general meeting, the MNS will be bound by its own constitution to follow its recommendations.