MNS Might Sue Province Over Lampard Report

Tuesday, November 02, 2004 at 13:24



The Metis Nation of Saskatchewan is considering suing the province over a report into the MNS election.


The report released yesterday says the results of the election held this past May can’t be trusted.


Former provincial electoral officer Keith Lampard says there were instances of legitimate voters not being allowed to vote, inaccurate counting of ballots and plenty of opportunity for ballots to be tampered with.


But MNS president Dwayne Roth says Lampard’s review appears to be a one-sided version that’s based on hearsay.


As a result, Roth says Lampard and the government might find themselves the subject of a lawsuit.


Meantime, one of the men that ran for president in the election, Alex Maurice, is calling on Roth and the rest of the executive to step down.


But Roth says there’s no way he’s resigning.


The provincial government has already indicated it will not recognize the current MNS executive as the rightful leaders of the organization and will not restore the funding to the Metis.


Metis Relations minister Maynard Sonntag says only a new election will change that.


As for the report itself, Sonntag says he finds it troubling because it won’t help the image of the Metis in the province.