MNS Election Fallout May Lead to Criminal Probe

Thursday, November 04, 2004 at 14:33



Saskatchewan’s minister of Metis Relations says charges could still be laid against people associated with the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan election.


However, Maynard Sonntag points out that it’s not his role to determine whether or not a criminal investigation should proceed.


But the minister says the RCMP could still get involved on their own.


Sonntag says his department made the report public so everyone in the province could see the findings of investigator Keith Lampard.


Now that that has been accomplished, Sonntag says his role in the investigation is pretty much over.


Sonntag also says if the department of justice determines further investigation is warranted, he won’t be involved in that process.


Sonntag says his government’s next order of business will be to hold consultation meetings with Metis residents as soon as possible.


He also says government officials will try to steer clear of anyone associated with any candidate that ran in the MNS election.