MNS Election Candidate Emphasizing Accountability

Wednesday, June 06, 2007 at 13:03



A Saskatoon man running in this month’s Metis Nation of Saskatchewan election is explaining why he feels he should be the next area director for Western Region IIA.


Bob McLeod, the long-time leader of the Central Urban Metis Federation, says he hopes to improve the quality of life for grassroots citizens.


One of the key planks of his platform is to establish protocols for how government funds are spent by the MNS, and who should be held accountable for expenditures.


He argues that area shouldn’t be left exclusively to members of the Provincial Metis Council — but rather, qualified staff who are hired after the election.


McLeod adds he is excited by the fact this year’s vote looks like it will be fair and transparent.


The other candidates in the running for the position are Gerald Morin, Penny Hurton and Rene Belhumeur.