MNS Candidate Promises To Build Memorial For Vets

Monday, June 11, 2007 at 13:24



A candidate in the upcoming Metis Nation of Saskatchewan election is promising to build a veterans memorial at Batoche if he gets voted.


John Hanikenne, who’s hoping to become the next area direction in MNS Western Region II, says the move would commemorate the years of service Metis veterans have given to Canada.


He says he has received calls from several young people who are disturbed by the state of the Batoche cemetery.


Hanikenne says the grave markers are rotting, and the area is being overrun with weeds.


He would like to create two full-time caretaker positions to restore and maintain the cemetery, if he is elected.


Hanikenne also hopes as many Metis as possible come out to vote on June 27th, because he’s certain the government will be watching to see how Metis citizens respond to the revamped election process.