MNS Bracing for Lampard Report

Friday, October 29, 2004 at 14:59



The Metis Nation of Saskatchewan is hoping to gain the public’s support in advance of the release of a potentially damning report into its recent election.


The provincial government commissioned the so-called Lampard Report to review the controversial Metis election after receiving complaints of alleged irregularities.


The report is in the hands of the province, and is expected to be released any day now.


MNS treasurer Ray Laliberte alleges the purpose of the report is “to do the greatest political damage possible to the MNS governance model”.


Laliberte says he has no doubt the report is designed to be “extremely devastating” and it will likely call for another election.


However, Laliberte says that no matter what the report says or how the province responds to it, the MNS will not hold another vote until its regularly-scheduled election 3 years from now.


Laliberte says another election call would violate the MNS Constitution, and says the only way that could happen is if the order came from the Metis Nation Legislative Assembly.


The MNS is also critical that the province paid former provincial chief electoral officer Keith Lampard $30,000 to do the report — but gave only $15,000 to the MNS to run its entire election.