MNS Appeals Process Criticized

Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 13:37



The appeal hearings continue in Prince Albert today for candidates of this spring’s Metis Nation of Saskatchewan election.


Presidential runners-up Alex Maurice and Robert Doucette are scheduled to appear before the Metis Election Commission today.


The hearings are being presided over by Metis senators Gilbert Pelletier, Gilbert Perrault and John Boucher.


Yesterday, May Henderson was the first candidate to be heard by the elections commission.


The former Prince Albert local president ran in the race for the position of secretary, but ended up losing to Ralph Kennedy.


Visibly upset after her hearing concluded, Henderson stated she couldn’t understand why so many lawyers had to be involved, and why this year’s vote wasn¹t better organized.


Henderson adds she has faith in the senators who presided over her hearing, but she believes the appeal process itself is flawed.


She also says she wasn’t able to access all of the information she needed to properly represent herself.


MNS president Dwayne Roth sat inside the conference room where Henderson’s appeal was held.


He claims she failed to produce any evidence of wrong-doing and her accusations are false.