MNS Angered Over Province’s Election Review

Sunday, July 25, 2004 at 13:51



The Metis Nation of Saskatchewan has reacted angrily to the provincial government’s decision to hire an independent observer to review its disputed election.


President Dwayne Roth says the provincial government has no business sticking its nose in Metis affairs.

Roth says the review should be handled by the Metis elections commission.


Metis National Council President Clem Chartier agrees and says he’s dissappointed with the provincial governments decision to step in.


Chartier adds he feels the government could have used the 30 thousand dollars required to hire an independant observer, to better train those involved in the election process.


On Tuesday, the Aboriginal Affairs Department announced it had hired Keith Lampard, a former provincial chief electoral officer, to review the Metis Nation’s executive election.


The current president of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan says his office will not be cooperating with a government probe into their recent election.