MNC Talks Suicide Prevention With Health Canada

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 14:52



The Métis National Council is preparing to sit down with Health Canada to discuss funding for new suicide prevention initiatives.


Kim Bulger, Director of Health for the MNC, recently attended a conference in Mexico which focused on the issue of suicide amongst Aboriginal peoples.


Bulger says the conference was intense, but very informative. Among other things, it focused on how the practice is understood by different cultural groups and what Aboriginal models and approaches have been effective in reducing it.


With the information she’s gathered, Bulger says she’s hoping to bring more understanding to Aboriginal communities about what can be done to prevent the practice.


Bulger says she believes it is important to begin assembling Métis-specific information about the issue.

Program delivery could happen at the local level but the first thing is to sit down with the government.