MNC President Disappointed By Opposition

Monday, August 29, 2005 at 16:57



The head of the Métis National Council admits he’s disappointed over all the opposition to Métis harvesting agreements in Alberta.


Under an interim harvesting deal signed with the Alberta government last year, Métis hunters in that province have been granted hunting rights similar to status Indians.


However, wildlife groups and First Nations have expressed opposition, hoping to derail the signing of a final agreement.


MNC president Clem Chartier says he’s especially disheartened that First Nations groups are engaging in some sabre-rattling.


Chartier notes the Supreme Court has ruled that Métis rights are just as entrenched as First Nations rights.


Chartier says all this opposition is based on a misunderstanding of Métis rights.


He says there’s an unfounded fear out there that Métis hunting rights will hurt the resource, but he argues Métis hunters have proven themselves to be good stewards.