MNC Dispute Puts Funding Talks On Hold

Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 14:14



A Saskatchewan Metis leader believes a leadership dispute at the Metis National Council has the potential to cause the “demise” of the organization.


Metis Nation – Saskatchewan President Robert Doucette is responding to news that Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl won’t negotiate funding for the MNC until it chooses a president.


Metis leaders from across the country failed to do that at a national gathering earlier this month over a dispute over delegate selection — specifically, the Alberta delegates.


But Doucette says the other Metis organizations can’t — and won’t — force Alberta to alter its choice of delegates.


Doucette is still hopeful a compromise can be reached, and calls the situation a “crisis”.


However, he says the MNC can’t continue to rack up debts — noting governors like himself are personally liable if debts can’t be repaid.


Strahl says existing funding deals between Ottawa and Metis groups won’t be affected.