MN-S Says It Will Defend Hunters Up To A Point

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 at 15:29



The vice-president of the Metis Nation – Saskatchewan says the MN-S will defend any Metis who practices their right to harvest or hunt, so long as they follow the law.


Allan Morin was speaking at the Metis Nation Legislative Assembly in Saskatoon yesterday.


Morin says the MN-S is currently in negotiations with the province to develop a memorandum of understanding regarding harvesting rights.


He says the point of contention is what constitutes the Metis community — the Metis say it’s the entire province, while the government says it’s limited to regions that have historical Metis communities.


Morin says anyone hunting outside approved zones in northern Saskatchewan, the Meadow Lake area or near Fort Qu’Appelle is taking a risk they might get charged by a conservation officer.


He says there will be consultations with Metis citizens in 2009 about the pending harvesting agreement.