MN-S President Calls For Gaming Deal To Be Revised

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 at 15:34



The president of the Metis Nation – Saskatchewan is calling on the provincial government to negotiate a new gaming agreement with his group.


Robert Doucette says under a previous agreement, the Metis receive 6.25 per cent of the 25 per cent of gaming revenues that go to communities.


But he says it has since been capped at $2 million per year — and he estimates that measure has deprived Saskatchewan Metis of an additional $21 million over the last seven years.


Doucette says as gaming revenues rise, so should the amount the Metis receive.


Meanwhile, the suspension of former MN-S Senate chair Gilbert Pelletier was a hot topic at yesterday’s session of the Metis Nation Legislative Assembly in Saskatoon.


Doucette confirmed Pelletier is no longer the chair or even a senator.


Pelletier had received a letter stating he was suspended by the MN-S Senate for actions unbecoming a senator.


Doucette says people were concerned when Pelletier was calling for the suspension of the MN-S executive, something he says a senator has no power to do.


Doucette notes Pelletier can be reinstated as a senator by his regional council if it chooses to do so.