MN-S Leader Urges Metis To Work With First Nations

Monday, September 08, 2008 at 15:36



The president of the Metis Nation – Saskatchewan gave his state of the nation address at the Metis Nation Legislative Assembly in Saskatoon this morning.


Robert Doucette spoke about moving forward and rebuilding. He acknowledged some of the past turmoil between him and Metis National Council president Clem Chartier, but says now it’s time for them to work together — something Chartier also spoke about when he addressed the assembly earlier today.


Doucette also called on the Metis to work closely with First Nations, because he says both groups share the same issues. He cited the Clearwater River Dene Nation’s ongoing battle with Oilsands Quest regarding its development near La Loche.


Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations chief Lawrence Joseph will become the first FSIN chief to address the MN-S when he speaks at a Metis gala later this evening.


Doucette also highlighted what he called successess of the MN-S — including the reduction of its debt from $700,000 to $120,000, and the “7,000 to 10,000” people from across Canada, the United States and Europe who attended this year’s Back To Batoche festival.


The MNLA wraps up tomorrow.


This is the first legislative assembly Saskatchewan Metis have held since their election last summer.