Missing Man Presumed Drowned At Sturgeon Landing

Monday, October 22, 2007 at 13:17



The mother of a missing northern man, presumed to have drowned, is turning to the public for help in locating her son.


Jenny Gamache says her 20-year-old son Mitchell was out partying with friends on the evening of October 13th, when the group of boys stopped on a swinging bridge over the Sturgeon Landing River.


Gamache says the boys reported that Mitchell flipped over the rail and fell into the river.


She also says it was well over two hours before the RCMP arrived on the scene, because they had to travel from Creighton.


RCMP spokeswoman Natalie Gray says the Mounties’ underwater recovery team has been dispatched to the scene and is finding the work difficult because of a fast current, low visibility and a rocky bottom.


Gamache maintains the RCMP are only search the mouth of the nearby river, and are only using an underwater camera — not divers.


She says only family members are searching the lake itself and surrounding area.


Gamache also says she is having a hard time finding volunteers to assist in the search for her son, and anyone with any expertise in search and rescue is asked to join the recovery efforts.