Mining Sector Said to be Lukewarm on Land Use Plan

Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 14:37



The first stage of a land use plan for the Athabasca region is nearing completion.


Prince Albert Grand Council official Diane McDonald says the purpose of the plan will be to give residents, industry groups and government bodies a better idea of what value the land has, both now and in the future.


So far, 420 residents of the Far North have been interviewed about what areas they feel are important.


McDonald says the map is designed to recognize the importance of economic development — but not at the expense of important cultural and environmental settings.


McDonald says, so far, the only industry group to show serious reservations about the plan is the mining sector.


She says they’ve indicated the plan will limit exploration and possible development.


McDonald believes stage one of the plan should be complete by the end of September, where it will then be open for feedback from the public.