Mining Firms Explain Plans To Northern Contractors

Friday, September 12, 2008 at 14:16



Mining companies and northern contractors sat down yesterday in Prince Albert for the second annual Mining Expo hosted by the Saskatchewan Mining Association.


Several companies took turns outlining their manpower needs for various exploration efforts and development projects.


Diamond company Shore Gold says it has 111 employees on site at Fort a’la Corne right now — 82 of whom are from the local area.


However, the company says it can still use caterers, road maintenance workers and people to fill other positions.


Teddy Clarke of Big Bear Contracting was one of the many northern business-leaders to take in the event.


Clarke says networking sessions like this are key to successful partnerships.


Meantime, Richard Gladue of Areva Resources told the crowd that investors want a good level of communication with smaller companies before forming long-term relationships.