Miner Trapped In Possible Cave-in At Seabee Mine

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at 15:25



An intensive rescue operation is underway in northern Saskatchewan following an industrial accident involving an experienced miner.


Saskatoon-based Claude Resources says in a press release that a highly experienced 10-person search and rescue team was called late yesterday after the accident happened at its Seabee gold mine site.


Neil McMillan, the company’s C.E.O. and president, is traveling to the site.


Meanwhile, the family of the miner says he’s been buried in a cave-in at the mine.


They’ve identified him as Cory Braaten of Birch Hills.


His cousin, Nicole Hebert says the family is anxiously awaiting news of Braaten’s fate.


The company hasn’t released any details on exactly what has happened at the mine, about 125-kilometres northeast of La Ronge.


The company says there are about 130 workers at the site.


It says it’s making sure there is support available to family and co-workers.


There are no all-weather roads into the remote mine site and workers have to be flown in and out.


Claude Resources is a gold and oil and gas producer.


Its main assets are its Seabee mine and shares in oil and gas wells in Alberta.


(courtesy of Broadcast News)