Millions to be Made in Non-Timber Forest Products

Thursday, February 12, 2004 at 13:48



Several experts in non-timber forest products are in Montreal Lake today to talk about how residents there can use the industry to supplement their income.


Agrologist Gerry Ivanochko says many northerners are already taking advantage of the opportunities in the wild mushroom industry. He points out that in a good year, wild mushrooms can put as much as 1 million dollars into the northern economy.


Ivanochko point out that with all the forest fires in the Montreal Lake area last year, that community is primed for a strong wild mushroom harvest this year.


Ivanochko says even though the wild mushroom industry in Northern Saskatchewan is well established, there is still lots of room for growth for products like herbs, mosses and birch bark.


Ivanochko says wreath-making alone is a 10-million-dollar industry in New Brunswick and feels there is millions more to be made in Northern Saskatchewan.