Millions Committed For Aboriginal Energy Project

Monday, April 27, 2009 at 13:38



The federal government is providing $3.9 million under a pilot project to help First Nations in Saskatchewan get into the oil and gas industry.


Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl announced the project today.


The initiative is being launched in partnership with WestCap Management.


Strahl says the three-year project is being tried in Saskatchewan because it has lots of natural resources like oil and gas, as well as alternative energy developments such as hydro and wind power.


Another factor is that Saskatchewan has 12 per cent of the country’s Aboriginal population.


The Business Ready Investment Development Gateway program will provide funding and training to Aboriginal communities.


The idea is to help them set up businesses in the resource and energy sector.


The government says businesses set up under the program will work with WestCap or other business partners to identify other business opportunities and look for other sources of investment capital.