MGM Looking for Native Youths to Star in Film

Friday, October 15, 2004 at 13:21



A major Hollywood studio is looking for a couple of Aboriginal boys to co-star in a feature film.


MGM/United Artists is filming a motion picture next year about the story of an Aboriginal boy in Utah and his best friend.


The film company has extended its search into Saskatchewan.


MGM/United Artists spokeswoman Emily Schwebber says the company is looking for an Aboriginal boy who’s 12 years of age and another Native youth who’s 16.


She says neither of them has to have acting experience, but the younger lad has to be someone who will catch the eye of the movie-going public.


Production of the film is expected to begin in March, and Schwebber hopes to find the youths by December.


Anyone interested is encouraged to send their photo with their name, birthdate, height, weight and phone number to the studio.


You can call MBC at 1-800-668-4003 or at (306) 425-4003 to get the company’s mailing address or e-mail address.