Metis Young Offenders Program Receives Funding

Monday, March 21, 2005 at 15:22



A Metis-run program for young offenders in Prince Albert received a shot in the arm today from the provincial government.


The Just Workers Youth Restitution Program has been up and running for two years.


It’s administered out of the P.A. Metis Women’s office and takes young offenders between the ages of 12 and 17 who have committed vandalism and puts them to work.


Often, the victim of the damage is involved in the process and receives restitution dollars from the young offender through whatever job they’re assigned to do.


As well, many times the offender fixes the damage he or she caused.


This morning, Corrections and Public Safety Minister Peter Prebble met with organizers of the initiative.


Prebble informed them that their $133,000 operating grant will be renewed in this week’s budget.


The minister also announced another $19,000 in support for the creation of a youth services pilot project this year.


The minister also says he’ll look into sponsoring a vehicle for the project, since workers right now are required to pick up the kids with their own cars.


Workers with the project say they’re encouraged by today’s announcement, but add they could do with more.


This year alone, $14,000 in restitution money has been paid to victims of vandalism in the Prince Albert region.