Metis Vets Receive Project Funding from Ottawa

Friday, November 12, 2004 at 13:05



The federal government is attempting to extend an olive branch to Metis war veterans.


It’s announced $150,000 in funding for initiatives aimed at recognizing the contributions of Metis vets.


That includes $50,000 to help establish a memorial and commemorative monument to honour Metis veterans in Beauval.


Ottawa is also providing $50,000 for the creation of a documentary video that will chronicle the contributions made by Metis during World War II.


As well, the government has set aside another $50,000 to develop a Metis Veterans Outreach Delivery Program.


The funding comes despite Ottawa’s refusal to accept the case for compensation to Metis vets who said they were denied post-war benefits given to other vets.


Just last week, a Commons committee chaired by a Liberal MP adjourned a meeting before a motion dealing with that issue could be voted on.