Metis Senator Suspended

Wednesday, September 03, 2008 at 13:58



A well-known metis senator is claiming he has been suspended from his post.



Gilbert Pelletier has issued a news release saying he was notified about the move in a message he received last week.



The letter apparently came from Eastern Region Two-A.



In the letter a representative says Pelletier was suspended by the MNS senate for actions unbecoming a senator while holding office.


Pelletier meantime says the suspension order isn’t backed by any senators he’s familiar with and believes it comes from new senators who have been appointed.


Among other things Pelletier is calling for the current MNS executive to step down.


He says they are not abiding by the terms laid out in the 2007 election act and are refusing to hand over voters lists.


Pelletier also says he worries Senate meetings are being called without his knowledge.