Metis Say Budget Fulfilled Low Expectations

Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 15:36



The president of the Metis National Council says he isn’t surprised by this week’s federal budget.


Clem Chartier says, as expected, the Conservative government failed to move ahead the Kelowna Accord.


Chartier says he and the rest of the MNC executive are especially disappointed, since Metis people failed to garner any specific commitments in the Conservative budget document.


Chartier notes Metis may be able to attain some funding through the $300-million transfer to the provinces for off-reserve issues, but he admits nothing is for certain.


He also says talks between his office and Metis Interlocutor Jim Prentice have been sluggish.


Chartier says they were engaged in bilateral discussions which were designed to lead to an official process.


However, those talks have faltered over the past month.


Chartier says he will continue work towards the implementation of a framework agreement between the Metis people and the federal government.


The idea was announced last year.