Metis Not Sure What To Make Of Conservatives

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 at 15:11



The president of the Metis National Council is asking the Conservative Party for clarity on how it views the Metis.


Clem Chartier says he still hasn’t heard from Stephen Harper how he’ll deal with the Metis if elected.


Chartier notes the Conservatives didn’t specifically mention Metis people in resolutions concerning Aboriginal people that were passed at a party policy convention in Montreal.


He says when party officials were asked about this, the MNC was told it was an oversight.


Chartier says that oversight does nothing to bolster his confidence in the party, and that’s why he’s calling for Harper’s intentions to be known.


He adds the MNC will host a board of governors meeting next week, at which point they will discuss what position they will take in the coming election.