Metis Local Going Solo In Duty-To-Consult Talks

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 at 15:09



The Metis local in La Loche says it will not be letting a Buffalo Narrows-based Metis region represent it in duty-to-consult negotiations with government and industry.


Metis Local 39 spokesman Don Montgrand says many Metis locals in the area recently passed a resolution that gives the Clearwater-Clear Lake Metis Region permission to negotiate development or exploration deals on their behalf.


But Montgrand says Metis in La Loche want direct involvement in those talks.


Industry Minister Maynard Sonntag recently stated that Metis locals are the rights-bearing Metis entities when it comes to duty-to-consult talks.


Sonntag said Metis regions and the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan can only become involved with the blessing of the locals themselves.


Clearwater-Clear Lake area director Marlene Hansen says her group will not oppose the local’s stance.


La Loche is the closest community to the current oilsands exploration in the area — but Hansen says the Metis region is of the view that the development affects several communities in northwest Saskatchewan.