Metis Leaders Feel Slighted Over Road Announcement

Friday, September 16, 2005 at 14:26



A Metis leader in northwest Saskatchewan feels the efforts of Metis groups regarding the planned highway link to Fort McMurray have been overlooked.


Northwest Metis Council co-chair Don Favel says Metis leaders and citizens have spent a lot of time and energy lobbying for the long-awaited road to be built.


Favel also says thousands of Metis training dollars went into building the road from La Loche to Garson Lake.


The premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan recognized a number of municipal and First Nations leaders for their contributions during yesterday’s news conference, and Favel admits being disappointed that Metis organizations weren’t given any credit.


Favel believes Metis organizations still have an integral role to play in supplying workers for road construction and lining up worker camp sites near Fort McMurray.