Metis Leader To Give Input On UN Declaration

Friday, January 27, 2006 at 15:30



The president of the Metis National Council is on his way to Geneva to provide input on a UN resolution on the rights of Indigenous peoples.


Clem Chartier is due to attend the last session of the working group on the draft declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples.


Chartier says Indigenous peoples from around the world will be there for the next week to try to influence the outcome.


After this stage, the draft declaration will be sent to the UN’s human rights commission, and then to the world body’s economic and social council.


Chartier says this process has taken 20 years and will hopefully be adopted by the UN’s general assembly.


He says all kinds of Aboriginal rights will be covered by this declaration when it’s ready.


However, Chartier notes countries won’t be bound by this declaration, but it will represent what he calls the world’s conscience on Indigenous rights.