Metis Leader Angered by Article on Teen Violence

Monday, July 05, 2004 at 09:05



An executive director with the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan is upset about a recent study of teen violence in the town of Melfort.


Ryan Calder says the report, penned by the Stardale Women’s group, picks up on a few incidents of violence amongst teenage Aboriginal girls and makes them sound bigger than they are.


Calder recently helped start up a drop-in centre for youth in the city and says it’s been well-used, but he doesn’t agree with the report’s assertion that teen violence is prevalent.


The paper recently made it into the headlines of a national newspaper and Calder says it’s only made the situation worse.


Calder says he also wonders why the women heading up the study didn’t consult him or any other Aboriginal agencies if they were so concerned about the problem.


He hopes the article won’t interfere with future requests for federal funding.