Metis Hoping To Cement Place On Northern Councils

Friday, November 07, 2008 at 14:39



The provincial secretary for the Metis Nation – Saskatchewan says there is growing concern that Metis could someday lose their voice on northern municipal governments due to community growth.


Max Morin says that’s why the MN-S is curious to see any changes the provincial government might be considering to the Northern Municipalities Act.


Northern leaders have been notified of the government’s intention to review the act.


Morin says Metis should be included in that process.


He wants to know if there is some way metis could be assured of representation in the local governments of their historical communities.


Morin adds Metis representation on northern municipal councils could be thinned out if Albertans buy up properties in northern Saskatchewan and enter government.


Many communities in that region are bracing for an influx of out-of-province property owners hoping to capitalize on the oilsands exploration in the region, and the anticipated road link between La Loche and Fort McMurray.


Buffalo Narrows mayor Bobby Woods says he understands Morin’s concern — but he doesn’t think changing the Northern Municipalities Act is the right way to go.


Woods says anyone who lives in a northern community should be eligible for government.


However, he suggests the MN-S study the Metis settlements seen in Alberta and see if that concept could be adopted in this province.