Metis History To Be Retraced Through Wagon Trek

Friday, April 29, 2005 at 14:52



The media launch and kick off for the Saskatchewan Metis Wagon Adventures 2005 event saw a large crowd gather in downtown Saskatoon yesterday.


Metis trekkers will saddle up their horses and load the wagons before setting out on the 30-day trek from Batoche to Victoria Crossing, Alberta.


The trail is approximately one-thousand kilometres in length and will retrace the steps and follow the historic routes used by the Metis during the 19th century.


The chair of the event, Peter Rudyck, says adventurers will meet up with a groups from Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia along the way.


Rudyck says the Metis trek will also make stops in 14 historical Metis communities to celebrate the event.


Rudyck hopes to make a documentary about the Metis Wagon Adventure and get the elders’ story about Metis life and culture in the early days of the Metis people.


Rudyck says the main goal behind the trek is to educate people about various Metis traditions.