Metis Fishing Protest In Alberta Leads To Charges

Friday, March 20, 2009 at 15:42



After three attempts, a group of Metis fishers from northwest Saskatchewan has finally forced the Alberta government’s hand at a fishing protest on an Alberta lake.


The fishers embarked on a trip over the Alberta border to Gregoire Lake on Tuesday, looking to assert their Metis harvesting rights in Alberta.


They believe provincial boundaries don’t hinder Metis fishing and hunting rights.


The group waited for two days before conservation officers finally arrived and charged one of the people in the group.


Buffalo Narrows Metis local president Philip Chartier says now the group can really get to work defending their rights in court.


Chartier says an initial court date of June 25th has already been set.


This marks the third time the group has crossed the border looking to be charged.


Previous attempts earlier this year and last year were unsuccessful.