Metis Filmmaker’s Work Noticed by Robert Redford

Tuesday, January 27, 2004 at 14:15




A Metis filmmaker originally from Northern Saskatchewan recently had a film of hers showcased at Robert Redford’s annual film festival.


26-year-old Danis Goulet originally hails from La Ronge, but has lived in Toronto for the last 3 years to pursue her career in filmmaking.


Her short film, entitled “Spin”, was shown at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City last week.


Goulet says she was completely caught off guard when she got the invitation.


The film is a humourous piece set mainly to music about a young DJ who doesn’t want to be seen buying an unpopular album that he really wants.


Goulet says her film drew a good audience response and decent reviews.


She also had a chance to discuss native filmmaking with Redford, himself.


Goulet’s film made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival last year and is due to be shown at an international comedy festival next month, also in Toronto.