Metis Encouraged to Attend MNS Assembly

Friday, January 16, 2004 at 15:25



A Metis leader is urging as many Metis Nation of Saskatchewan members as possible to show up for the organization’s assembly in Saskatoon tomorrow.


Central Urban Metis Federation president Bob McLeod says the assembly will deal with constitutional amendments that could have a large impact on the governance of the MNS.


McLeod notes one amendment deals with a proposal to allow the Provincial Metis Council the power to appoint an interim replacement for outgoing president Clem Chartier.


McLeod feels the decision as to who should fill the role of interim leader should be left up to all MNS members — not a small group of Metis leaders.


McLeod also hopes measures will be taken at tomorrow’s assembly to avoid a repeat of the controversial MNS election in 2001.


That election saw ballot boxes thrown out and several MNS members left off the official voters’ list.


The next MNS election is scheduled to take place in May.


Tomorrow’s MNS assembly in Saskatoon takes place at the Quality Hotel, beginning at 9 am.